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The power of Ginger!

Ginger truly is a wonder ingredient. It’s so versatile and can be used to make a whole host of delicious goodies such as ginger cake, biscuits, ginger beer, stir fry…the list goes on.

Not only does it taste amazing, but it packs a punch in the health benefits department too, so it’s no wonder it has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years to treat a huge range of illnesses and ailments.

ginger tea

Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory and pain killer so it is great for relief from arthritis, period pain and headaches.

It stimulates the circulatory system helping to remove toxins and improve digestive health and is great for nausea, e.g. travel sickness or morning sickness.

I discovered the benefits a few years ago when I was trying to find more natural ways to deal with the chronic pain I suffered from endometriosis. Here are just some of the ways that I like to use ginger to help relieve pain.

Ginger tea

It’s so simple to make. I just add a teaspoon of grated or sliced fresh ginger to a teapot and add hot water, let it brew for a few minutes and strain it into a mug.

You can sweeten it if you like, but sugar actually causes inflammation and so counteracts the anti-inflammatory benefits of the ginger. Try adding natural sugars such as honey, date syrup of jaggery instead.

Ginger shots

If you have a juicer this is super simple!

Just put fresh ginger through your juicer with a lemon (peeled) and then pour the juice into an ice tray and freeze.

You can take out a cube, or two, and add it to hot water to drink as a tea or let it defrost and drink it as a shot.

It’s pretty fiery but so so good for you.


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