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I am so happy you are here! The classes that you find in this monthly membership space have been put together with the intention of providing you with access to a way of practicing in a way that is accessible and adaptable to you and you daily life.


New classes and content will be uploaded each month to create an ever-growing library of classes that you can access anywhere, anytime – all you need is an internet connection and a space to roll out your mat.

This platform is still in its infancy and will grow and evolve with you.

I am passionate about offering classes that bring you back to your centre - bringing the nervous system back in to balance with practices that are designed to address mind, body and soul as a whole. My teaching is inspired by many styles of yoga including ashtanga, tantra hatha, elemental mandala and restorative yoga - elements of which you will find interspersed within the movement, breathwork and meditation classes.

My commitment to you and this membership space is to continue to grow this library of classes with content that is relevant and rich with both ancient wisdom and mindful movement.

​The classes are split into two series, Sun and Moon, so that you can navigate more easily to what it is you need on any given day. Just filter by category within either the meditation or movement sections.

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Sun classes are enlivening and uplifting – focussing on the upper chakras and the elements of Fire and Air. The practices here will have a stronger focus on building heat and energy within the body.

If you are felling low, have poor circulation or want to welcome more joy into your life, the classes within the Sun Series will serve you today.


Moon classes bring a sense of calm, stability and being grounded – with a focus on the lower chakras and the elements of Earth, Water.  Here you will find slower flows and practices to cultivate a calm and steady mind.

If you suffer with symptoms of anxiety and stress, feel stuck in your thoughts, have trouble sleeping or have digestive issues, the practices here will serve you best today.   

By joining live classes and/or practising with me via recorded classes you agree to my liability waiver.