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Terms and Conditions and Liability Waiver

I take my responsibility as a yoga teacher seriously and it is important that before you take part in a session that we have a clear understanding of where the boundaries of that responsibility lie.


Class bookings


  • All bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable unless I cancel a class, or you need to cancel due to developing Covid related symptoms.

  • I reserve the right to make alterations to the classes without notice and will not be liable for any loss occasioned by such alterations.

Taking part in a class – in-person and online
During our session, I shall only provide instruction that I am qualified to give, and I shall use all reasonable care and skill. Your wellbeing is at the heart of everything I do.

  • You acknowledge that any form of exercise contains a degree of risk. You are responsible for ensuring that you are capable of undergoing the routine of exercise provided and you accept the risk of injury from performing exercises. It is recommended that check with your GP or healthcare provider before you start any new exercise programme. Especially if you have any health conditions, are taking medication and/or are pregnant (or think you might be).

  • It is important that you listen to your body and follow the instructions given during a yoga class. Nothing in our session should cause you to experience any pain. If you experience pain from any of the poses you should stop immediately.

  • Any information or guidance I provide is not a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis or medical treatment of your doctor or healthcare provider.

  • I cannot be held responsible for any particular class and/or item of equipment not being available for whatever reason.

  • I accept no liability for loss or damage to property of students or for injury to students on the class premises or outside of the class premises.

By ticking the box when booking or practicing with me online you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to this statement of responsibility and terms and conditions.

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