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Master the art of calm & confidence

With the rise of anxiety, depression, stress-related illness, auto-immune disease (i.e., ME, fibromyalgia), chronic fatigue conditions and ‘unexplained’ pain, THRIVE is a powerful and transformative online course to bring you back to yourself; to restore your confidence and sense of who you truly are; to nourish and build you up from the inside out and move you towards a deep-rooted sense of calm.

Together we will take a deep dive into the tools and techniques that yoga, somatic therapy, and neuroscience have to offer to ease your symptoms and move you from a place of lack, unworthiness, and insecurity to a greater sense of emotional wellbeing and confidence. Developed from the popular ‘Yoga for Anxiety and Emotional Wellbeing’ workshop that I lovingly created and ran in previous years, this powerful course is designed to give you the support and tools to empower you to thrive and live the life you desire; to provide support and nourishment for your nervous system and aid in dissolving self-limiting narratives that stops you from leading a life that is vibrant and fulfilling.

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Why can I help you? I get you! The catalyst for my becoming a yoga teacher and hypnotherapist was my own experience with anxiety, depression, grief, and chronic pain – I was so crippled by anxiety and panic attacks that I began to shut myself off from the world and the things that I enjoyed. Making the simplest of decisions would keep me up all night as I was so fearful of getting it wrong. My confidence and sense of self were shattered. The thought of leaving the house and interacting with other people was incredibly overwhelming. Overthinking and worry stopped me from living the life that I wanted, and I was mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. I felt like everyone around me was thriving and that I was broken.

Fast forward a few years and I almost don't recognise the person I once was. Instead of hiding myself away and being held back by fear and anxiety, I now embrace the beauty of life and the joys it has to offer. Instead of doubting myself and deferring to others’ opinions all the time, I make choices and decisions based on my needs and desires. Instead of getting stuck in destructive coping mechanisms, like binge eating, which only perpetuated the cycle of self-doubt and made my inner critic even louder, I choose to show up for myself with self-compassion and understanding – leaning into the tools and techniques that move me closer to who I am with calm and confidence.
This is what I want for you too and is why I am so passionate about sharing this potent and transformative course with you - so that you too can skillfully navigate life’s inevitable challenges with more grace and live a life that is more joyous!

What’s included?

Thrive is a 6-week journey to put you on the path to mastering the art of calming the mind and cultivating self-love and confidence so that you can move forward with a more profound sense of inner calm, strength, and vitality.

  • x2 LIVE sessions with me a week (all sessions are recorded)

    • weekly meditation and introduction to the theme for the week

    • weekly movement practice

  • Downloadable exercises and supporting materials

  • Access to the Thrive community group

  • Follow up call 2 weeks after

Each week will include time for discussion and exploration of the theme for that week, as well as visualisation/mediation, movement practices and more.
No previous yoga experience is necessary.
Each week will be supported by materials and exercises for you to explore and integrate your learning between sessions.

A holistic and compassionate approach to healing…
Built on a foundation of movement practices inspired by hatha yoga and somatic therapy to support and nourish the nervous system, relieve physical tension, and ease the emotional strain. We will also explore tools beyond the yoga mat by blending movement practices with powerful and effective tools from hypnotherapy and life coaching, providing a truly holistic approach that is supportive, sustainable, and transformational.

Book a FREE Clartity Call - No obligation, no pressure! Let’s chat about how Thrive can support you and get you back to feeling you again. This is a great opportunity to see if we are the right fit and for you to ask any questions that you may have.

The details
Dates: January 2023 dates tbc
Thrive Early Bird - £160
Thrive: £220

*LIVE sessions will be recorded and sent to you so you can catch up or replay in your own time.

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