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GRATITUDE - Start each day on a positive note by taking time to appreciate the simple things in life helps to set your mood up for the day. Whether you write them down in a gratitude journal or just list them in your mind, it’ll give you a smile to start your day with.


FRESH AIR – getting out for a walk in nature can help you to feel grounded whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, especially during the chaos of the festive season. Pay attention to your footsteps and the breeze on your face and you’ll feel so much better.


ROUTINE – sticking to a routine is essential for staying grounded. If you suffer from anxiety or depression it is even more important as allowing your routine to slip can exasperate symptoms.


YOU ARE ENOUGH! Remind yourself of this when you start to feel the festive season getting to you, when you are striving to make everything perfect or when you feel comparison sneaking in. YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU ARE ENOUGH. Just as you are!


REST – ‘tis the season of comfort and joy, make sure that applies to you too. Allow yourself to take a nap, sit and listen to a guided relaxation, pop on your pjs and practice restorative yoga. To survive all the Christmas parties your mind and body need time to recuperate too. Balance is key!


PACE YOURSELF– remember, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Delegate or let it go. Spending time with loved ones is what counts and what you’ll remember when you look back.


BE GOOD (TO YOURSELF) - try not to change your diet of eating habits too much. Your digestive system is as much a fan of routine as your nervous system so feed it with plenty of goodness and fresh water. Listen to your body and love it!


LAST (BUT NOT LEAST) - Pause. Breathe. Move. Listen. Be thankful. Enjoy!

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