Calm & Confident
Yoga for Anxiety & Emotional Wellbeing

​This course is a deeper dive into the powerful tools and techniques that yoga has to offer to ease symptoms of anxiety and give you a greater sense of emotional wellbeing and confidence. Developed from the popular ‘Yoga for Anxiety and Emotional Wellbeing’ workshop that I lovingly created and ran in previous years, this comprehensive course is designed to give you the support and tools to empower you to live the life you desire.

I have dedicated and invested a lot of time into deepening my own practice and studies to expand upon these tools and practices and blended them with many other powerful tools from hypnotherapy and life coaching to provide a truly holistic course and approach that is supportive, sustainable, and transformational.

Why work wiht me? I get you! The catalyst for my becoming a yoga teacher was due to my own experience with anxiety, depression, and chronic pain – I was so crippled by anxiety that I would have panic attacks in the supermarket and began to shut myself off from the world and the things that I enjoyed.

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My confidence and sense of self were shattered and leaving the house and having to interact with other people was incredibly overwhelming. Overthinking and worry stopped me from living the life that I wanted and I was mentally, emotionally, and phyiscally exhausted. 

Fast forward a few years and I almost don't recognise that person anymore. I am able to live a life that is fullfulling and no longer hold myself back or hide away. Last year I even stood up in front of more than 150 soldiers to lead them in a yoga class! Something I never would have thought possible just a few years ago. The time I spent on my mat was integral to my journey to recovery and it is because of this that I am passionate about sharing the healing and transformative powers of yoga with you.

With the rise of anxiety, depression, stress-related illness, auto-immune disease (i.e., ME, fibromyalgia), chronic fatigue conditions and ‘unexplained’ pain, yoga practices that draw on the ancient wisdom of hatha, tantra and Ayurveda, along with somatic movement for trauma release and evidence-based neuroscience serve to provide support for the nervous system and aid in dissolving self-limiting narratives that stops us from leading a life that is vibrant and fulfilling.

What to expect
This course will include movements practices inspired by hatha yoga and somatic therapy to support and nourish the nervous system, relieve physical tension, and ease emotional strain.  We will also explore tools beyond the yoga mat to help you to build resilience and support you when facing lifes inevitable challenges.

With the incorporation of breathing techniques (pranayama), guided relaxation, meditation and opportunities for self-reflection, this holistic Yoga for Anxiety and Emotional Wellbeing course will help you on the path to a calmer mind and body so that can move forward feeling with a greater sense of inner calm, strength, and vitality.


Coming in September 2022...